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OBM in the Workplace

Businesses around the country are attempting to rebuild amid the COVID-19 pandemic. For some, now is an opportune time to evaluate their company and workplace goals for 2021.

Organizational Business Management (OBM) can be implemented to help businesses and individuals build a better work environment.

So, what is OBM?

OBM is a subfield of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which can be applied to influence positive behavior in the workplace. It takes a scientific approach to improving the workplace and achieving business goals, so it not only keeps employees motivated but also drives productivity and profitability for a company.

How? The science behind OBM reveals employee performance and retention rates improve when OBM is implemented. Since hiring and training new employees can be a costly task for companies, OBM helps cut negative costs like these by building workplaces founded on positive reinforcement.

Many businesses create goals to increase efficiency, productivity and safety. Without the right tools to input and measure these goals both individually and collaboratively, goals are consistently pushed and circled back to. However, Organizational Business Management can be used to target and modify environmental variables that affect performance and impact company success. For example, at Touchstone ABA, we use positive reinforcement and a point system for compensation.

One example of OBM includes clearly defining employees’ tasks. It is imperative to set performance goals and then allow access to rewards and incentives. When employees complete tasks, make sure to provide the positive reinforcement and feedback that will promote forward action, as feedback on past performances is one of the most common interventions used in OBM.

Some examples of the outcomes of implementing OBM in the workplace include:

  • Improving employee performance
  • Reducing and minimizing the severity of accidents and injuries
  • Increasing revenue and attendance for both employees and clients
  • Increasing retention rates with customers and employees

For more information on Touchstone ABA’s OBM services, call (985) 446-6833, email info@tc-aba.com or visit www.touchstoneaba.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at @TouchstoneABA.

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