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Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)

Helping businesses achieve their goals –
increasing efficiency, productivity, safety and retention through OBM.


Organizational Behavior Management

The application of behavioral principles and strategies in business and industry is known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM.) OBM is about behavior management within organizations. Simply stated, OBM is a subfield of ABA, in which the science of behavior analysis is applied to influencing behavior in the workplace. OBM has helped countless people find solutions to frustrating workplace issues, build workplaces on a foundation of positive reinforcement rather than punishment, and improve critical business results.

Organizational Behavior Management has been proven effective in helping businesses; industry, schools, and other entities achieve organizational goals such as increasing safety, satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace.

Touchstone professional staff members are part of the Organization Behavior Management Network.

Touchstone uses positive reinforcement and a point system for compensation. Other behavior analysts may use a focus on incentives and behavior economies, but not using the “science.” For example, companies that issue loyalty cards could make them more effective with some OBM modifications. Physicians can use OBM to help surgery patients be more adherent to requirements that will make them successful. Touchstone consults with the clinicians, not the patients.

• Employee Retention

• Employee Performance/Appraisal

• Employee Incentive Programs

• Customer Retention Programs

• Health and Safety in the Workplace

• Systems Training

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