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Educational Services and Consulting

Educational Services and Consulting


Educational Services and Consulting

Academic Tutoring

We develop and individualize a learner driven programming matrix for each pupil. Our tutors use proven research-based teaching methods and on-going assessments to ensure optimal outcomes for all our pupils. We offer flexible scheduling. We accept private pay & third party pay options.

Small Group Academic Tutoring

Academic tutoring is held in a small group setting utilizing computer based as well as individual instruction.

Social Skills Tutoring

For pupils who need additional support in self-management or social skills instructions One-on-one academic tutoring for pupils who need additional support to be successful in school.

1:1 Academic Tutoring

We offer after school academic tutoring and self-management services for any pupil needing additional support. 

Parent Education

Parent training and support is an essential part of our model. We provide parent education sessions run by our parent educator team. These sessions target basic ABA principles and tactics and address the priority needs of our families. Some of those needs may include: toileting, eating issues, sleeping problems, social skills, family outings, sibling issues, homework problems, school based issues, etc. We offer morning and evening parent sessions to accommodate the family's schedule.

School Consultation

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Consultation

Our team provides a variety of direct and consultative ABA services to both the public, private & charter schools and school districts. We have staff development and training packages that are comprehensive and include on going support under the supervision of Licensed Behavior Analyst with CABAS® credentials. Also, we assist with the development of in-house ABA services for the school as well as contract services via Touchstone staff.

Academic Consultation

With the Common Core standards as the backdrop, we focus on evidence based academic and social interventions, inducing new cusps and capabilities and developing and expanding functional language for pupils attending traditional schools.