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Services Overview

We provide comprehensive science-based ABA services to help our clients achieve important behavioral goals and objectives by providing individualized services consisting of the most innovative techniques delivered by highly trained, expert staff.

Clinical Services


Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Assessment and Services

Our assessments occur in teaching and learning sessions across various environments such as individual instruction, small groups and free play. 

We develop an individualized program for each client. The programs are a learner-driven and developed based on the client's needs and deficit areas. Our comprehensive ABA services are available as full day, part day, after school and have the option to combine services across sites (in home, or in school as well as combinations of these settings).  ​

Educational Services


For Families

Academic tutoring is held in a small group setting utilizing computer based as well as individual instruction. Touchstone offers one-on-one academic tutoring for pupils who need additional support in self-management or social skills to be successful in school. We provide parent education sessions that target basic ABA principles and tactics. We assist with the development of in-house ABA services for schools as well as contract services via Touchstone staff.

For Schools 

Our team provides a variety of direct and consultative ABA services to public, private and charter schools and school districts. 

Business Services


Organizational Behavior Management has been proven effective in helping businesses; industry, schools, and other entities achieve organizational goals and improve in areas such as:

Employee safety
• Employee training
• Stress, health, and employee productivity
• Evaluation of employee satisfaction and feedback systems
• Managing absenteeism, tardiness, and turnover
• Use of monetary and nonmonetary incentives
• Self-management procedures
• Programmed instruction, behavioral modeling, and computer-aided instruction.