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Touchstone Applied Behavior Analysis

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Individualized programs for children with autism, learning differences and behavioral challenges


Helping businesses achieve their goals –
increasing efficiency, productivity, safety and satisfaction through OBM.

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We set a higher standard for
Applied Behavior Analysis

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We provide consultative ABA
services to schools and districts

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What we do?

At Touchstone, our credentialed staff provides research driven behavior analytic services. Our clinical clients include children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and individuals with learning and language differences and other behavioral challenges. Our educational and business consulting work helps schools, businesses, and organizations improve productivity, staff retention and safety by impacting workplace and interpersonal behavior.

We incorporate the Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling Model (CABAS®) to all aspects of our system. While Touchstone is not a school, the CABAS® model is designed for application to any type of organization or system. Thus, our commitment to the science of behavior and the emphasis on a research-based ABA approach is designed to change the lives of our clients and their families. Our licensed professional staff members are certified by both the BACB® and CABAS®.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

 utilizes the validated principles of the science of behavior to develop tactics to help people change or acquire important behaviors that contribute to the quality of their life. ABA, which is highly individualized and systematic, is a proven treatment for children with autism and other types of learning and language disorders.

Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)< is the application of behavioral principles and strategies in business and industry. OBM has been proven effective in helping businesses; industry, schools, and other entities achieve organizational goals such as increasing safety, satisfaction, efficiency, and productivity in the workplace.

Why Touchstone?

Our staff training and continuing education program is intensive. Staff advancement is based on results highlighting our commitment to our clients’ achievement.

State of the art ABA means that our clients will receive the most effective and efficient interventions available to date from our doctoral level staff.

Family Education is part of our service teaching parents of children with autism and other learning, language, and behavioral challenges how to become behavior change agents themselves.

CABAS® model of ABA: We document moment-to-moment client progress and these data are available to clients’ families and stakeholders on a daily basis.