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Clinical ABA Services

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Clinical ABA Services

At Touchstone, we seek to provide not only the most effective programming, but also the most efficient. We work with children and families to improve behavior and communications skills beyond what speech therapy and occupational therapy can provide.

In general, our programming addresses behaviors across the following domains: Academic Literacy, Problem Solving, Communication, Expanding the Community of Interests, Self-Management & Motor skills.

For our clients with learning differences like Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), our goal is to provide frequent and intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services using the most current research findings in the field. We use scientifically sound practices to induce and develop new behavioral cusps and capabilities for individuals so that they can access the environment in new and beneficial ways. Children diagnosed with seizure disorder and Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21/nondisjunction) also benefit from ABA.


At Touchstone, we use the Pre-School Inventory of Repertoires for Kindergarteners (C-PIRK) assessment & the Verbal Behavior Developmental Assessment (VBDA). Also, we use a variety of tools to assess specific target skills from the Common Core grade level standards. Our assessments occur in teaching and learning sessions across various environments such as individual instruction, small groups and free play.

We emphasize assessment across the following domains: Academic Literacy, Communication, Problem Solving, Self-Management, Expanding the Community of Reinforcers and Interests and Physical Development.

We focus on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment for children, which is the leading treatment option for a person diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We do not perform evaluations to diagnose children with ASD.

Please note: We can refer you to a specialist for an evaluation and diagnosis. Please call us, because an evaluation is the first step!

Medically-Necessary Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services

We develop an individualized program for each client. The programs are a learner-driven and developed based on the pupils' needs and deficit areas. Depending on the targeted skill, programming is delivered 1:1 or in small or large group settings. Most learning is accomplished in our centers in 1:1 sessions. Our programming addresses behaviors across the following domains: Academic Literacy, Problem Solving, Communication, Expanding the Community of Interests, Self-Management and Motor skills. Our comprehensive ABA services are available as full day, part day, after school & have the option to combine services across sites (in home, or in school as well as combinations of these settings). 

Parent Education

Parent training and support is an essential part of our model. We provide parent education sessions run by our parent educator team. These sessions target basic ABA principles and tactics and address the priority needs of our families. Some of those needs may include: toileting, eating issues, sleeping problems, social skills, family outings, sibling issues, homework problems, school based issues, etc. We offer morning and evening parent sessions to accommodate the family's schedule.

Touchstone ABA Responds to Hurricane Ida

Please click the link below or contact us for more information regarding recovery from Hurricane Ida (985) 446-6833