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The field of Applied Behavioral Analysis continues to grow

At Touchstone, our qualified and credentialed staff design our measurably superior, individualized programming in 1:1, group, center, home and school-based settings.   We also offer professional consultative services to other entities such as schools, school districts and other centers. As part of the CABAS® model, Touchstone staff continue to conduct and share research with the greater CABAS community. A few samples are listed below.

Touchstone Staff Research

Observational Learning: Acquisition & Utility, ABAI, San Diego 2018
Grant Gautreaux, Dolleen-Day Keohane, and Derek Shanman, Nicholls State University

A Comparative Analysis of Imitation and Emulation Tasks and the Identification of Co-requisites for Emulation
Grant Gautreaux, Natalie Leow-Dyke, Tricia Clement, Paula White, Lori Scott, Derek Shanman, Angela Moran, Angelle St. Pierre, Heather Allemond, Bobbi Freeman

The Effects of a Rule Governed Algorithm on Line Technicians’ Analysis of Instructional Problems and Clients’ Learn Units to Criterion
Kelly King, M.Ed., RBT, CABAS® Teacher II, Dolleen-Day Keohane, Ph.D, SBA, AssocRS, LBA, BCBA-D, Nicholls State University


Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling (CABAS)

At Touchstone, our goal is to provide frequent & intensive ABA services using the most current research findings in the field. We use scientifically sound practices to induce & develop new behavioral cusps & capabilities for individuals so that they can access the environment in new & beneficial ways. We do this through our relationship with CABAS®.  CABAS was originated to develop a science of teaching. Our first credo was to develop schools based entirely on the use of scientific procedures for classroom management, pedagogy, curriculum design, staff training, and parent education. Moreover, the second credo of our educational model was to make education learner driven. CABAS is now a growing support-system of scientists and teachers, dedicated to improving the science of teaching. Touchstone is an important part of the CABAS ecosystem. The work we do at Touchstone reinforces and expands the understanding of other CABAS schools, universities and behavioral intervention groups. And their research supports and improves our work as well.

We utilize the entire body of CABAS to ensure that we are implementing the best programming & interventions for our pupils. Our team focuses heavily on research related to improving academic, social & communication. Our staff engages in research in conjunction with universities so that our trained staff may use the most up-to-date findings.

CABAS Research


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