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A Day in the Life of an ABA Registered Line Technician

If you love working with young people, helping them learn, and being part of a team committed to making positive differences in people’s lives, working as a Registered Line Technician may be the best job for you that you have never heard of.  Most people are probably not aware of the job called a “Registered Line Technician,” Line Tech for short.  Registered means that you have completed an application, passed a background check and are registered with the Louisiana Behavior Analyst Board to practice ABA.  ABA is a scientific professional field that uses the science of behavior to improve people’s lives.  At Touchstone, we work primarily with young persons with autism.  Line techs are on the front “line” of providing most of the ABA treatment hours to children with autism and other developmental disabilities under the supervision of Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBA).

What is a line tech?

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!  Each client’s behavioral intervention is specific, systematic and individualized by a supervising LBA.  Line techs are provided on-the-job training to learn what, how and when to teach specific skills to a client.  Is it highly rewarding? Yes. Fast-paced? Yes.  Challenging? Sometimes.  Line Techs work with clients with disabilities – often there are behavioral challenges.  Line techs are provided training, coaching, supervision, and support to help clients learn new behaviors to take the place of challenging ones.  Our primary long-term goal for all our clients is to expand their skill sets so that they may lead the most satisfying, productive, and independent lives possible.

What does a day look like for Touchstone Line Techs?

Line Techs work with clients in 1:1 or group settings throughout the day.  Prior to starting a session, Line Techs review the client’s treatment plan and teaching goals and prepare teaching materials. As clients arrive, Line Techs greet their student and bring him/her to their learning area.  Line Techs are trained in how to create client motivation to participate in learning by finding out what items or activities the student would like to play with or do – keeping clients motivated is important for effective teaching.

Sometimes the teaching occurs at a table or desk, sometimes on the floor, sometimes in group settings – the daily schedule looks similar to a classroom schedule with learning times, maybe group activities, and breaks. A critical component of ABA is data collection – Line techs are trained to record data on their clients’ responses during teaching and when to ask for a supervisor’s help if a client is not making progress towards a goal.  Throughout the day, supervisors will observe Line Techs’ teaching and provide coaching and feedback.  Supervisors are on-site to answer questions and/or troubleshoot teaching difficulties.

Once employed, our Line Techs are provided with additional education and experience to obtain the national credential of a Registered Behavior Tech (RBT.)  Individuals with the RBT credential are in high demand all over the country. Joining Touchstone ABA may not only be a new job, but also the start of new career.

For more information on career opportunities at Touchstone ABA, click here.

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