Happy World Behavior Analysis Day! - Touchstone

Happy World Behavior Analysis Day!


Touchstone ABA joins behavior analytic practitioners worldwide in celebration of World Behavior Analysis Day on March 20, 2023.  Touchstone is thrilled to be the first Champion Sponsor for the World Behavior Analysis Day Alliance, collaborating to share information worldwide about the science and practice of behavior analysis.


Behavior analysis is a scientific profession and discipline whose general purpose is to understand the relationship between behavior and the environment.  The science of behavior analysis has led to a wide variety of applications that  have proven effective to improve the quality of life in many different areas,  such as general and special education,  persons with autism and other developmental needs,  rehabilitation, home and workplace safety, organizational behavior management,  parenting and child welfare, and health and fitness, to name a few.


“At Touchstone, we recognize World Behavior Analysis Day as a way to celebrate all the branches of behavior analysis including the science of behavior, theoretical and conceptual work, basic and experimental analysis work, and all areas of applied work,” Angie Moran, Board Certified Behavior  Analyst at Touchstone ABA, said.


“This is a special day in history because March 20 is the day B.F. Skinner was born,  one of the contributors to modern day behavior analysis.” Moran said.  “At Touchstone ABA, we apply the science of behavior to help our clients meet the goals that will enrich their lives.”


Touchstone ABA adheres to rigorous scientific practices based on the science of behavior and learning to help people change or acquire important behaviors that contribute to the quality of life.


At Touchstone, the staff are committed to providing research driven behavior analytic services that contribute to optimal outcomes for clients. Touchstone ABA provides services to persons with autism, other developmental disabilities,  language and learning differences, and behavioral challenges.   Touchstone also provides ABA services to schools and school districts and businesses to improve their efficiency.


Established in 2020, World Behavior Analysis Day celebrations begin March 14 and end on March 20 every calendar year.   To learn more about World Behavior Analysis Day, visit BehaviorAnalysisDay.com/


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About Touchstone

Touchstone is an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provider for individuals, families and schools, delivering treatment and training in Houma, Thibodaux, Hammond, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Clients include children and adults diagnosed with autism and individuals with learning and language differences and other behavioral challenges. Touchstone also provides ABA services to schools and school districts and other businesses. For information on Touchstone, call 985-446-6833, email info@tc-aba.com or visit touchstoneaba.com.


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