Touchstone to present on Organizational Behavior Management at upcoming conference - Touchstone

Touchstone to present on Organizational Behavior Management at upcoming conference

In search of a way to make your employees happier and enhance business performance? While there’s no magic recipe for corporate success and harmony, Touchstone offers interesting solutions using applied behavior analysis (ABA) through Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). For those unfamiliar with the practice, OBM is the application of behavioral principles and strategies in business and industry. Organizations can utilize OBM to build workplaces on a foundation of positive reinforcement and improve critical business results.


If this piques your interest, consider attending Touchstone’s session at the Opportunity Machine Innovation Conference in Lafayette on Friday, November 2 from 1:15-2:15 pm. Touchstone behavior analysts, Angela Moran and Tricia Clement, will discuss how organizations can use applied behavior analysis to increase safety, satisfaction, efficiency and productivity in the workplace. During National Entrepreneur Month, the conference will bring together entrepreneurs, startup founders and small business owners across Louisiana to discuss best practices in the tech, marketing, engineering, medical and community sectors.


The conference session provides an opportunity to learn more about how OBM measures are used to objectively identify and modify environmental variables that affect employee performance and impact company outcomes. OBM has been proven effective for entities dealing with the following:


  • Employee retention
  • Employee performance/appraisal
  • Employee incentive programs
  • Customer retention programs
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Systems training


So, what does the application of OBM strategies look like in the real world? To provide an example, physicians can utilize OBM to help surgery patients be more adherent to requirements that will make them successful. In this situation, Touchstone would consult with the clinicians, not the patients. Other examples of OBM strategies include performance-based pay schemes and recognition. Instances of desirable outcomes would be an increased number of objectives achieved per consumer and a decrease in cost per objective met.


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