Touchstone Staff Presenting at Nicholls State University Poster Night

Touchstone takes pride in their number of staff members who are a part of the ABA master’s program at Nicholls State University. These students recently presented their successful research projects that were completed through Touchstone at Nicholls State’s poster night. Below are photos of some of these students as well as other staff members showing support to their Touchstone family.






Jackie White poses with her successful research project that the New Orleans team recently conducted






Kelsey Andre, Kelly King, and Emily Waggenspack enjoying a successful poster night for Touchstone staff members







Alexandra Chellette from our school and home based team shows off her research project




Angelle St. Pierre, Thibodaux site-based supervision, and Angela Moran, New Orleans site-based supervision, showed support to their Touchstone family at poster night (and color coordinated because great minds think alike!)


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