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The First World Behavior Analysis Day – March 20, 2021 [BLOG]

By: Janice Huber, BCBA, LBA, Touchstone ABA Parent Education

On March 20, 2021, behavior analysts around the world will celebrate the first “World Behavior Analysis Day,” now officially registered on the National Day Archives. The date was chosen to honor the birthday of B. F. Skinner, an American psychologist, behaviorist, author, and inventor, whose works fundamentally changed the understanding of motivation and behavior.  While the official designation of a behavior analysis day isn’t in and of itself the reason for celebration, the goal of having a singular event is to unite worldwide efforts to share information about the science of behavior.

Behavior analysis is a wide and varied field of scientific study that includes theoretical and conceptual behavior analysis, basic and experimental behavior analysis and many areas of applied work. Employing behavior analysis to help solve real world problems for individuals, communities or businesses is known as applied behavior analysis (ABA.)

While ABA is most widely known (and currently the largest area of practice) for its substantiated effectiveness in improving the lives of persons with autism and other developmental challenges, the principles of behavior can be applied most anywhere with anyone – because we all behave.

Some of the other applications of behavior analysis that have proven effective in helping people make meaningful behavioral changes include:

  • Health and Wellness: Adhering to health and wellness practices, such as weight management, smoking cessation and “following doctor’s orders”
  • Rehabilitation: Helping people that have had strokes or traumatic brain injuries re-learn to communicate or take care of themselves
  • Classroom Management: Helping teachers teach more efficiently for all students
  • Organizational Behavior Management: Improving business safety, productivity and employee retention practices
  • Pediatric Feeding Disorders
  • Addiction
  • Crime and Delinquency

To see the variety of Special Interest Groups acknowledged by the Association of Behavior Analysis International, visit

Twenty years ago, as a desperate mom looking for ABA services for my child, there were only about 10 Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) in Louisiana and none in my area. Since that time, there has been tremendous growth, and I am so grateful that parents and caregivers have greater access to ABA services. Louisiana now has several university training programs, an insurance mandate for the coverage of ABA for autism treatment, a title and practice act for behavior analysts, a regulatory body that oversees the regulation of the practice for consumer protection and close to 400 Louisiana licensed behavior analysts. As critical as ABA is for improving the lives of people with autism and other developmental delays, the science of behavior analysis has so much more to offer the world.

This World Behavior Analysis Day, join me in celebrating all the behavior analytic researchers, students and providers that have committed their professional lives to improving the human condition – one behavior at a time.

At Touchstone ABA, we provide services across South Louisiana to children with a wide variety of learning needs, consultation to schools and school districts, organizational behavior management, parent education, educational support and tutoring, and community outreach. For those looking to start a dynamic career in the applied behavior analysis field, Touchstone ABA provides exciting full- and part-time positions. To join our team, visit For more information on Touchstone ABA’s services, call (985) 446-6833, email or visit You can also follow us on Facebook at @TouchstoneABA.

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