January’s Touchstone Superhero - Touchstone

January’s Touchstone Superhero

Our newest Touchstone Superhero is Alyssa Galloway!

Alyssa is an RBT from Opelousas working in the Baton Rouge location, who has been with Touchstone since July of 2020. She became interested in ABA by learning about the field in her undergraduate psychology courses. After graduation she accepted a position with Touchstone to explore career opportunities in ABA.

So far, she has completed her CABAS Teacher Assistant rank and is currently working on her Teacher 1 rank. She enjoys interacting with and watching her clients make progress towards their goals- a favorite part of her day is “seeing my client’s face light up because something brought them joy!” She says, “It reminds me that it’s the small things that make each day great. I’ve learned so much as a tech! I’ve learned about the science of ABA as a whole, but further, I’ve learned so much about patience, compassion, and cheering on every little victory. So many of the principles of ABA that I use as a tech can be translated into my everyday life.” Alyssa has plans to pursue ABA as a career and is currently filling out an application to the Nicholls program.

Alyssa also loves hanging out with friends, watching LSU football, and listening to music- she is also learning how to play guitar! When she can, she heads to the mountains for vacation. She most recently visited the Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas, which she highly recommends for its beauty.

Congratulations Alyssa! We are grateful for your dedication to the science, your clients, and Touchstone ABA!

Pictured below L-R: Alyssa with her family, with Rory, and with friends on vacation.

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