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What’s the first step?


What's the first step?


What's the first step?

Touchstone is a private facility dedicated to providing the state of the science Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to families, schools and businesses. 

Assessments vs. Evaluations

At Touchstone, we focus on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment for children, which is the leading treatment option for a person diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. We do not perform evaluations to diagnose children with ASD. We can refer you to a specialist for an evaluation and diagnosis. Please call us, because an evaluation is the first step!

Once a child has been diagnosed, then we can begin our work. We begin with a series of assessments. Assessments gauge a child's strengths and weaknesses and allow our team to customize a plan for him or her. We emphasize assessment across the following domains: Academic Literacy, Communication, Problem Solving, Self-Management, Expanding the Community of Reinforcers and Interests, & physical development.

In order to develop optimal programs for our clients, we use the Pre-School Inventory of Repertoires for Kindergarteners (C-PIRK) assessment & the Verbal Behavior Developmental Assessment (VBDA). Also, we use a variety of tools to assess specific target skills from the Common Core grade level standards. Our assessments occur in teaching and learning sessions across various environments such as one on one instruction, small groups, instructional time & free play time.

Individualized ABA

We develop & individualize a learner driven programming matrix for each client. The programs developed are based on the client's needs & deficit areas & are implemented across multiple environments. Thus, we can deliver individualized programming in 1:1, small & large group settings, depending on the targeted skill. Also, we offer comprehensive ABA services in our own center, in home, or in school as well as combinations of these settings. 

Family Support

Touchstone provides ongoing family support & outreach through regularly scheduled family training & 1:1 intensive family meetings.


ABA therapy is generally covered by your health insurance plan. Please call your insurance provider to confirm coverage. We are happy to work with you on authorizations for services.

Waiting List

Let's put some information on the waiting list. Possibly a form so that parents can "sign up" for updates or get the newsletter, etc.


Let's put some information on why ABA is better than Speech Therapy and/or Occupational Therapy. Parents who are on the waiting list my opt to engage in ST or PT or both in an effort to "do something" while they are waiting. Let's discuss that.