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The Effects of a Sign-to-Tact Procedure on the Acquisition of Tacts (Spring 2013)

The Effect of an Interdependent Group Contingency and Mystery Motivator on the Frequency of Kind Statements and Kind Gestures in Children Diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Spring 2013)

The Effects of a Stimulus-Stimulus Paring Procedure on Acquisition of Conditioned Reinforcement of Toy-Play (Spring 2013)

The Effects of Conditioning Visual Tracking on Instructional Programming Based on Three Dimensional Stimuli and Learn Units to Criterion (Spring 2013)

The Effects of Writer Immersion on Writing Instruction with Adult and Peer Reader (Fall 2012)

The Effects of Face Conditioning Protocols on the Duration of Attention to Adult Faces for Two Children with ASD (Fall 2012)

Emergence of Naming in Students with Developmental Disabilities: A Comparison of Tactics across the Four Sub-components of Naming (Spring 2012)

The Effects of Conjugate Reinforcement on pupil attention and the number of learn units to criterion in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (2012)
Using motivating operations to increase peer interactions for three boys diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder (Spring 2012)

The Effect of the Peer Yoked Contingency Protocol on Inducing the Capability of Observational Learning (Spring 2012)

The Effects of Implementing Multiple Protocols on Achievement of Learning Objectives (Fall 2011)

The Effects of Checklist and Supervisor Follow-up on Teacher Implementation of Strategies (Fall 2011)

Teaching a Verbally Governed Algorithm to Increase Self Management (Fall 2011)

The Effects of Peer Tutoring to Increase Motivation and Academic Performance on Four Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities (Fall 2011)

The Learn Unit as a Measure of Response to Instruction (Fall 2010)

Using a Picture Prompt to Increase Correct Responding in an Educational Game (Fall 2009)

The Use of Generalized Verbal Response Training to Eliminate Echoing Responses for Students with Communication Disorders (Fall 2009)

The Effects of a Listener Emersion Program on a Preschool Student’s Compliance (Fall 2009)

The Effects of Intensive Tact Instruction on a Preschool Student’s Emission of Pure Tacts in Non-Instructional Settings (Fall 2009)

The Effects of a Stimulus-Stimulus Pairing Procedure on Increasing Appropriate Listening to an MP3 Player (Fall 2009)

Multiple Exemplar Instruction of Listener and Reader Components of Reading Responses to Induce Reading Comprehension in Children and Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Fall 2009)

A Study of the Effects of a Token Economy on the Episodes of High Intensity Aberrant Behavior (Fall 2009)

The Comparative Effects of Morningside Math and FastMath on Fluency in Basic Math Skills (Fall 2009)

Using Multiple Exemplar Instruction to Teach Reading Comprehension in Children with Autism (Fall 2009)

Comparing the Effects of Using Rule-Governed Checklist and a Modeling Procedure on the Independent Completion of Daily Living Domestic Tasks (Fall 2009)

Personalized System of Instruction in Graduate Level Courses (Spring 2007)

The Effects of the TPRA: Training Teachers to Become Strategic Scientists of Pedagogy (Fall 2007)

The Comparable Effects of Differential Reinforcement Procedures and Access to Conditioned Reinforcers on Stereotypy (Fall 2007-Spring 2008)

The Effects of Differential Reinforcement and Criterion Referenced Timings on the Fluency of Acquired Skills (Summer 2007)

Implementing the Observational System of Instruction in Middle Schools (Fall 2006- Summer 2007)

Transformation of Stimulus Function across Intraverbal, Selection, and Production Responses for Geometry Terms After Multiple Exemplar Instruction (May 2007)

The Effects of Peer Monitoring on Self Monitoring (collateral effects on appovals/disapprovals) (March 2006)

The Effects of Writer Immersion and Recycles on the Functional and Structural Components of Student Writing (February 2006)

The Effects of a Self Management Questionnaire on Student Learn Units (April 2006)

The Effects of Training Content Specific Vocabulary at a Rate Criterion on Reading Comprehension of Content Specific Passages (March 2004)

The Effects of Manipulating the Correction Component of the Learn Unit on the Acquisition of Novel Vocabulary (June 2004)

The Effects of Teacher Directed versus Student Directed Instructional Programs on Correct Responses (November 2003)

The Effects of Correction and Reinforcement on the Acquisition of Untaught Academic Literacy Responses of Tutor (February 2003)

The Effects of Observational Learning in the Absence and Presence of Learn Units for Tacting Social Studies Vocabulary (June 2002)

Increasing the Response Rate of Learn Units by Self-Managing, Public Posting and Graphic Display Tactics (April 2002)

The Effects of a Rapid Tacting Procedure on Inaccurate Tacts Emitted During Conversational Units (March 2002)

The Effects of Training a Student to Deliver Contingent Approvals to a Teacher for the Purposes of Reducing Disapprovals to that Student (January 2002)

Using an Overlay for Teaching Self-Editing and Increasing Correct Responses in a Handwriting Program (September, 2001)

Using Behavior Momentum to Decrease Latency and Increase Learn Units (October 2001)

The Effectiveness of a Response Prompt in Evoking Generalized Rule-Governed Behavior for Sentence Writing (October 2001)

The Effects of Shifting from a Teacher Controlled to a Peer Controlled Behavior Management System on Inappropriate Mands and Tacts (November 2001)

The Effectiveness of Peer Tutoring at Improving the Reader as own Listener Behavior of a Student (December 2001)

Increasing Learn Units Using Response Cards (December 2001)



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