November’s Touchstone Superhero - Touchstone

November’s Touchstone Superhero

Our newest Touchstone Superhero is Michael Glorioso!

Although he hasn’t been with Touchstone long, he has certainly made a positive impact for
his willingness to accommodate client needs in Hammond, Baton Rouge, and in home. As
supervisor Mary Johnson notes, “I first met Michael after Hurricane Ida. During my time
getting to know him he has shown a great deal of flexibility and willingness to help out
wherever he is needed. He seems to really enjoy playing with the children and takes time to
build rapport. Michael is always willing to learn new things and seems to enjoy talking about
ABA tactics and how he can best help his clients.”

Michael joined Touchstone because he “wanted to learn about new technologies in ABA, like
CABAS®.” His love for the science and watching his clients learn to communicate and play
inspire him while he pursues his ABA career through the Florida Institute of Technology. He
says “Some of my goals are becoming a BCBA and growing myself to help grow others.”

His favorite place to vacation is in South Carolina, at a friends house, which is surrounded by
woods and mountains – where he’d probably be reading about history, philosophy, or
theology and if he had his choice, enjoying escargot. He also enjoys writing and making

Pictured below are Michael with his brother Vincent and grandmother Simone.

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