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Educational Services and Consulting

Touchstone School Services

Touchstone is proud to offer its expertise and services to help schools and school systems integrate applied behavior analysis (ABA) into school settings in order to enhance educational outcomes.

We add capacity

We help you accomplish more by designing and developing classroom and school-wide applications of the principles and tactics of the science of behavior to help classrooms and school systems run more efficiently.

We train your teachers

We provide explicit training for teachers and paraprofessionals in the science of behavior through the use of hands-on modules which are presented in a logical sequence using an empirically validated model. Our goal is not to train teachers to become behavior analysts; our goal is to train teachers to be strategic scientists of teaching and learning, so that their students experience even more success.

We deliver direct services to students

By developing and delivering instructional programming directly to students, Touchstone can help reduce or eliminate learning barriers, so that students can more readily benefit from the teacher delivered instruction in the educational setting.

We are uniquely qualified

Touchstone ABA is uniquely positioned to work in schools with its team of experts many who are certified teachers, as well as licensed and credentialed ABA professionals and trained in CABAS®, the highly respected Comprehensive Application of Behavior Analysis to Schooling model. The Touchstone CABAS team understands curriculum, classroom dynamics, IEP rules and regulations, and the myriad demands placed on school staffs to deliver appropriate and effective educational services.

Instructional strategies and tactics based on the science of ABA have been substantiated to improve academic and social performance for students with autism, students with other developmental delays, gifted students, and typically developing students.