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Choosing a Summer Camp for Kids with Special Needs – Tips from a Touchstone BCBA Angela Moran

For some parents, choosing the right summer camp for their special needs child is not an easy task. We were excited when Gambit Weekly contacted Angela Moran, Touchstone BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) to ask for some expert advice.

Here’s a link to the “Camping Out” the article in the February 26 edition of Gambit Weekly, written by Katherine Johnson. It is full of great advice.

Some of Angela’s tips include:

• Making sure the camp is in sync with the parents’ schedules
• Making sure the camp aligns with the child’s interests
• Pick a camp that is convenient so that transportation is not an issue
• Pick a camp with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities

Angela also suggests that the ratio of adults to kids is important. Ideally, it is the same ratio that the child is accustomed to at school. In some cases, hiring a professional is a good idea and may even be covered by insurance.

Choosing a Summer Camp for Kids with Special Needs

Communication with the camp administrators and counselors is also key, to be sure the camp staff have a good understanding of the child’s particular needs. And if things are not working out well, its important to speak up and work things out early.

In the article, Angela also talks about alternatives if a summer camp is not ideal.

Be sure to read the whole article for more good information. Read Article.

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